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Open Honest Government
My Campaign Statement :

   It begins with who and what we are.  Next comes strategic planning. Then Marketing to attract those type developers and businesses we want for the jobs we need. All voters need be aware of this order of operations because the citizens need to collectively make these decisions for a city to be governed democratically. Vision for the council is advisory and a small part of our job.  Representation, legislation and watching where public money goes and that we get what we buy  are as laborious as they are complex and important.
~ Honesty and openness coincide. Candidates are conflicted by money needs and the avoidance of special interests. It is important for you, the voter, to look for substance in candidates.

Efficiency in Government

~ This includes using the resources that public money pays for, especially human resources. Spending public money intelligently and monitoring public contracts, then

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prosecuting for fraud when discovered reduces future occurrences.
Growth Direction
~ The direction of Spokane's growth is paramount. Read through this website where vision and strategy for an economically viable and sustainable Spokane is outlined.


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